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Student Wins Theory 5 Award

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Sarah Veber, of St. Philip’s, Newfoundland, has won another theory award. Sarah received the highest mark of students in the Theory 5 category for the Hamilton-Halton branch of ORMTA teachers. She did so on the History 3 (formerly Grade 5 History) course. Congratulations, Sarah!!

Are online courses right for you?

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This is the final post of responses from a questionnaire sent to recent “graduates” of AME online theory and history classes. What would you tell someone who wasn’t sure if online courses were for them? GO FOR IT! You don’t have to get “dressed up” or “go out”. Scott is available to help with questions […]

Do online courses prepare you well?

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Since these courses are designed around the curriculum of the Royal Conservatory of Music (in the U.S., the Carnegie Hall Royal Conservatory Achievement Program), it begs the question, “Will these courses really prepare me for the exam?” Here is what some recent students had to say: I felt I was VERY well equipped for the […]

Did online learning meet your expectations?

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Many people have never taken an online class, so they have different ideas of what to expect. These are the responses to the second question of the recent survey sent out to successful students. Was the online course what you expected? I didn’t expect it to be SO MUCH FUN at times…. Scott has a […]

What do you like about online learning?

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I recently asked some students who have recently completed an online theory or history course to answer some questions about their experience. Here are the responses from Question #1. These are unedited except for some spelling corrections and formatting. What did you enjoy most about the online course? I signed up for these courses as […]